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Trademark Disputes, Litigation Holds, and the Duty to Preserve

The legal principles relating to litigation holds are not trademark specific. But it is clear that the rules requiring a party and its counsel to implement a litigation hold apply equally to trademark infringement litigation. These are rules that a trademark owner and its trademark counsel—both trademark prosecution and trademark litigation counsel—should know. They should…

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How to File a California State Trademark Application

Although most businesses opt to file a federal trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), not every trademark owner qualifies for federal registration. The trademark owner may not be making use of its mark in interstate commerce. There may be an existing federal registration preventing the trademark owner from registering at the…

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Attorneys Signing Trademark Application Papers: Is the Fear of Becoming a Witness and Being Disqualified Overblown?

Trademark applications need to be signed. Other documents in the trademark prosecution process—like statements of use, § 8 declarations of use, § 9 renewals—need to be signed. And the rules are clear that the attorney of record can sign those documents on behalf of the applicant. Yet, many trademark attorneys have a strict policy against…

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