Breaking Ground: Digging the Trademark Well


The inaugural post.  The first post can paralyze you into inaction.  You could just wing it, hoping it will get lost in the sea of posts to come.  Or you could spend some time researching what the self-proclaimed blogging experts say a first post should contain.  In doing so, the Google results repeat a disheartening mantra: your first blog post will suck – it will be nothing more than garbage.  So get it out of the way.  Tell the world who you are, what you do, and why you’re blogging.  Then start blogging and learn how to do it right.

Let’s get to it then.  This is the Trademark Well blog, and I’m Bruno Tarabichi, the man behind the curtain.  I’m an intellectual property attorney specializing in all facets of trademark law.  I don’t want to recite my entire bio in this first blog post, so just click on my name if you want to know more about me.  After all, this blog and website is not about me—it’s a resource of information on trademarks and trademark law and a guide on how to trademark well.

Trademarks touch so many different types of people and virtually every business from a sole proprietorship to a Fortune 50 corporation.  If you’re an intellectual property or trademark attorney, it’s your bread and butter.  Even if you’re a general practitioner, you should have at least a working understanding of trademarks.  Or maybe you’re a brand spanking newbie lawyer hired into a firm’s trademark practice or thinking of starting your own practice specializing in trademark law.  Not just lawyers though.  Trademark paralegals don’t exist without the word “trademark”—that should tell you something.  What about all you marketing professionals who work with brands and trademarks?  What if someone sued you for trademark infringement and you don’t have the resources to hire a trademark litigator?  Let’s not forget all you small business owners out there, whether you’re an Internet blogger or own a local brick and mortar retail store.  If you have named your company, product, or service, you’re playing in the trademark sandbox.

And that’s where Trademark Well comes in.  We have big plans for the Trademark Well website.  There’s the blog, which is where we will start.  Excellent trademark information for free.  Next, we hope to follow up the blog with a timely launch of the podcast, covering trademark related topics and hopefully interviewing individuals of interest.  Simultaneously, we will be working on putting together exclusive membership content, where members can access top-quality legal resources on various trademark topics.  After that?  Well, let’s get there first.  Those are formidable aspirations by themselves.

As you can tell, there’s a lot of digging to do to create the Trademark Well.  But we just took a long handle round point digging shovel, thrust into the ground, and flung the first bit of soil to the side.

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