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December 2016

Preliminary Injunctions in Trademark Cases - time versus money

There is an interconnectedness between preliminary injunctions and monetary damages that is often glossed over. If you're a trademark litigator, you should discuss the relationship between preliminary injunctive relief and monetary damages with your client before deciding to file a motion for preliminary injunction. Likewise, if you're the trademark owner, you should also appreciate the tie-in between preliminary injunctive relief and monetary damages to ward off inflated expectations of monetary awards later in the lawsuit. continue reading→

Trademark Attorney's Checklist

This post is definitely basic. Some of these posts on Trademark Well are gonna be basic posts intended for laypersons with no trademark knowledge or experience. Attention trademark lawyers—you can probably skip this post.

But this is a good post for trademark owners trying to do the trademark thing on their own. This basic post sets out a checklist that you can follow when choosing a new trademark. The checklist is obscenely obvious. Therefore, it is a basic checklist. continue reading→