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August 2018


Lately, I've been noodling about how to become more productive. My law practice has become quite busy (with an honorable mention to my personal life). Unfortunately, this blog has been one of the casualties. Last year, blog posts were consistently published on a weekly basis. This year I have only published two posts to date ... how embarrassing. But it may all be worthwhile because something good is going to come out of the unexpected hiatus: a new blog series called The Productive Lawyer.

It dawned on me that Trademark Well does not necessarily need to be confined to posts on trademark law. An essential part of being a trademark lawyer is managing yourself and your practice, learning to be efficient and productive. Finding a way to get things done consistently. Consistency day after day will get you there. Like most people, I succumb to workload paralysis, procrastination, and bad work habits. To accomplish the goals I've set for Trademark Well, my law practice, and myself personally, I am going to need all the tips and tricks that I can get my hands on. I'll share the ones that are working for me in The Productive Lawyer blog post series.

Let the productivity begin with one of my favorite new productivity habits: Clear to Neutral.

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