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About Trademark Well

What Is Trademark Well?

Trademark Well is your ultimate resource concerning all things trademark-related from the very basics to the advanced nuances. Build a basic working knowledge of trademarks and trademark law through our evergreen blog posts. Stay current on new developments with our more topical blog posts. Discover useful products and tools by visiting our resources page. Listen to experts share their experiences and knowledge on the podcast. Become a member and access step-by-step tutorials and sample documents and templates to eliminate the guesswork.

Who Can Benefit From Trademark Well and How?

Trademark Attorneys

If you're not an experienced trademark attorney, Trademark Well can help you get that experience. You can use our templates as a starting point to draft your own documents, whether its a pleading or motion in federal court, a response to an office action before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or even a form letter to send to a client. We will help you guide you through the process and show you what systems and procedures you should have in place to represent clients in trademark matters. Even if you are an experienced trademark attorney, you will still get a ton of value out of Trademark Well. The site will keep you up to date on trademark law, provide opportunities to enhance your experience, and allow you to connect with others in the industry.

Business Owners

If you're in business, you're also in the business of trademarks. The name of your company and the name of any product or service you offer is a trademark. Don't spend your invaluable time, resources, and money building a reputation and brand equity only to find out you didn't properly choose or protect your company name and other trademarks. The worst thing that can happen is having to change your brand after you've developed consumer recognition. Trademark Well will show you how to protect your company's trademarks.

Individuals or Companies Involved in a Trademark Dispute

It comes to your attention that someone else has ripped off your trademark and is using it to compete against you. How do you stop them? Or you receive a cease and desist letter from a trademark owner alleging that you are infringing their trademark rights. How do you respond? Even worse, you are served with a federal complaint for trademark infringement in a United States district court. What do you do now? Trademark Well will give you the answers. Or you can retain our legal services by hiring TMW Law to represent you.

Bruno Tarabichi, the Man at the Bottom of the Well

I'm Bruno, an intellectual property attorney, specializing in IP litigation and trademark law. I'm the founder of Trademark Well. Although I specialize in trademark law, my expertise extends to intellectual property generally, including copyrights, domain names, false advertising, Internet issues, and trade secrets.

I'm also a father. I have two daughters - ages four and seven six and nine. So yes, I know all about Elsa and Anna and all the words to each and every Frozen song. If I'm watching playoff football, it's just a matter of time before my four year old saunters in dressed in her Disney Elsa costume with her iPad, cues up Let It Go on full volume on her iPad, stands right in front of the TV, and starts her sing-a-long performance. Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, getting back on subject - I started my legal career back in 2001. I went to law school at UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, graduating in May 2001. After graduating and passing the California bar, I began my legal career in October 2001 in the Palo Alto office of Pennie & Edmonds, LLP, one of the top IP law firms in the U.S. at the time. As an attorney in Pennie's Trademark, Copyright, & Unfair Competition Practice Group, I managed all aspects of our clients' domestic and international trademark portfolios (creation, screening, clearance, investigation, opinion, filing, prosecution, registration, maintenance, exploitation, and protection) and litigated a variety of IP cases. In 2004, I joined Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, one of the best and largest (1,000+ attorneys) general practice firms, working out of the Palo Alto and San Francisco offices. At Morgan Lewis, I was a member of the IP Practice Group, continuing my focus on trademark and IP legal matters as I had at Pennie. Then in 2008, I left Morgan Lewis to form my own law firm Owens Tarabichi LLP. Since then, I've also had the opportunity to serve as litigation counsel for LegalForce Trademarkia, a trademark filing service that files approximately 1,000 trademark applications per month, and to serve as counsel for the Walker Corporate Law Group, PLLC in advising start-ups on trademark and IP matters.

And now, I am launching Trademark Well. Why? First, I want to provide an easy and convenient way for attorneys to learn the ins and outs of trademark law - whether it's a new attorney who just passed the bar or a more experienced attorney entering a new practice area. It's something I know I wanted when I began my career. I remember there were good resources available, but they covered the substantive aspects of trademark law without telling me how to specifically do what I needed to do. More recently, I have had the opportunity to mentor young attorneys trying to develop a trademark practice, which served as a reminder that a better, more comprehensive resource is needed. Second, in my own practice, I have dealt with numerous individuals, start-ups, and small companies who try to handle their trademarks themselves - either because they cannot afford to hire an attorney or simply to save money on attorneys fees. They file their own trademark applications, handle cease and desist letters they receive, and even try to represent themselves in trademark litigation! The problem is they almost always get it wrong. Through Trademark Well, I can impart my knowledge and provide them with the tools and information to handle their own matters as best they can without an attorney.