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Trademark Basics

Trademark Searches

  • LegalZoom. A comprehensive trademark search from LegalZoom is both effective and cost efficient. If you want guidance on how to order and review a comprehensive trademark search from LegalZoom, check out this detailed blog post on the subject: Conduct Your Own Trademark Search Using LegalZoom.
  • USPTO. The United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") has an electronic database of trademark applications and registrations that you can search through for free. It's not as ideal as conducting a comprehensive trademark search since it does not include other databases like state trademark registration databases, but it is better than not doing any search at all.

Trademark Applications

  •  TEAS. You can file your own trademark applications online through the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Application System ("TEAS").
  • Trademark Well, PC. If you want to hire an attorney to file your trademark application instead of trying to do it yourself, then Trademark Well, PC is your best bet. We are experts and very reasonably priced.

Books and Practice Guides

  • Nolo - Trademark: Legal Care for Your Business & Product Name. The Nolo books can be a good starting point to get a basic working understanding of a subject area. This book on trademarks is worth reading to learn some of the basics if you are new to trademarks and trademark law.
  • McCarthy on Trademarks. This is the trademark bible. It covers just about everything relating to trademarks. However, it is extremely expensive. So, unless you are a multi-person law firm specializing in trademark law, you may want to simply read it at your local law library (my local law library even allows you to check it out).

Trademark Litigation

Oppositions and Cancellations

  • ESTTA. You can file a notice of opposition or petition for cancellation through the Electronic System for Trademark Trials and Appeals ("ESTTA"), as well as any documents that need to be filed in an opposition or cancellation proceeding commenced by someone else.
  • TTABVUE. By accessing the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Inquiry System ("TTABVUE"), you can pull up the filing history for any opposition or cancellation proceeding by searching by proceeding number, mark, party, or correspondent.
  • TBMP. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure ("TBMP") is a comprehensive guide on how opposition and cancellation proceedings work. If you know nothing about TTAB proceedings, reading the TBMP is probably the best way to get started.

Federal Litigation

  • PACER. Once you get set up with a Public Access to Court Electronic Records ("PACER") account, you will be able to search all federal lawsuits filed in the United States. PACER is a great resource for sample litigation documents or to research an adversary.

Law Firm Tools

Accounting and Invoicing

  • Freshbooks. Freshbooks is a cloud accounting system. But it's real strength is how easy it makes billing your time and invoicing your clients. You can even use it to collect payment through credit cards without setting up a separate merchant account. Freshbooks also offers a free 30 day trial.

Calendaring and Docketing

  • Clio. Clio is cloud-based legal practice management software. You can try it for free for 7 days without a credit card. The folks at Clio are constantly improving their software. Right now, it offers a very attractive solution for time tracking, billing, calendaring, and document management.
  • MyCase. MyCase is another cloud-based legal practice management software solution. They offer a 30 day free trial without requiring a credit card. Like Clio, this solution covers time tracking, billing, calendaring, and document management.

Networking and Business Development

  • LinkedInfluence. LinkedInfluence is an online course on how to get more results out of LinkedIn than you probably thought was possible.
  • HowToConnectWithAnyone. Scott Dinsmore's How To Connect With Anyone course will help you become a better connector and build the relationships you need to succeed.

Website Tools

Domain Names and Hosting

  • Bluehost. Bluehost is a great hosting company for your blog or website. Its customer service is terrific, its prices are extremely affordable, and, if you're using WordPress, its 1-click WordPress installation is effortless.


  • iPhone Video Hero. This video course was put together by Jules Watkins, a TV director and producer. The course is very reasonably priced (less than $100) and shows you how to shoot great video on your iPhone, including videos for blogs, membership sites, and video-based courses. Jules even shows you how to get the Apple white background for your videos if that's your thing.
  • Screenflow Hero. This course is also put out by Jules Watkins. It provides instruction on how to use the Screenflow software to edit your videos. This course is also very reasonably priced (less than $100).

Pictures and Photos

  • iStock. If you need stock photographs for your blog, courses, or presentations, iStock is a great option.


  • Pat's Complete Step-by-Step Podcasting Tutorial. Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog has put together a free podcast tutorial that he keeps updated. It is a great resource to get your podcast up and running.
  • Podcasting A to Z. Cliff Ravenscraft is the Podcast Answer Man. His podcasting course is one of the best reviewed podcasting courses out there and almost all of his students end up launching successful podcasts.

Internet Business Courses

  • Zero to Launch. Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch course teaches you how to build an online business from the ground up.
  • Fizzle. An online business training course and community featuring the zany Chase Reeves.