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Preliminary Injunctions

Picture of Mailboxes along Route 66 with text reading "The Trademark Cease and Desist Letter - Strategies & Considerations"

Trademark cease and desist letters are a crucial part of a trademark attorney's arsenal. Granted, they seem simple and straightforward. However, when you dig beneath the surface, they are deceivingly complex. When a trademark owner undertakes the task of sending a demand letter without counsel, many important strategic and substantive legal issues are not vetted. The same goes for using an attorney who does not specialize in trademark law to send the cease and desist letter. This post is here to help. Use it as a resource to check off items that you should consider when sending a trademark cease and desist letter.

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Preliminary Injunctions in Trademark Cases - time versus money

There is an interconnectedness between preliminary injunctions and monetary damages that is often glossed over. If you're a trademark litigator, you should discuss the relationship between preliminary injunctive relief and monetary damages with your client before deciding to file a motion for preliminary injunction. Likewise, if you're the trademark owner, you should also appreciate the tie-in between preliminary injunctive relief and monetary damages to ward off inflated expectations of monetary awards later in the lawsuit. continue reading→