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Trademark Clearance

Today, I am going to walk you through the process of placing and reviewing a comprehensive trademark search for a word mark in the U.S. using LegalZoom. This is more exciting than it seems. (Side note: I may be the very first trademark attorney to ever refer to a trademark search as "exciting.") If you have settled on a mark that you really, really like, you may just experience some exhilaration if the trademark search report comes back clean, paving the way for you to claim that mark as your own. When I selected Trademark Well as the name of my business, I thought it was perfect—it described the site easily for newcomers but it was also a double entendre referring to trademarking in a good manner and to a trademark resource. When my trademark search confirmed that it was available for me to adopt and use, I was excited because I could move forward and I had found my brand. I'm not alone either. Some of my clients have become quite enthusiastic upon learning that a search has come back clean. I don't even tell them to settle down. So, if you use the information in this blog post to clear your trademark and feel exhilarated and excited or just plain good, let me know by letting loose in the comment section. continue reading→